Phillip Crawford is the top DUI attorney on California's Central Coast and one of the best DUI attorneys in the state.

Phillip has a reputation among other defense attorneys as a fighter. He is known for taking difficult cases to trial and for winning not guilty verdicts and dismissals for his clients. He lectures on DUI topics to attorneys all over California.

Other DUI defense attorneys have described Phillip as a hard-working, passionate advocate who is always prepared for anything and as an outstanding criminal defense attorney who defends his clients with tenaciousness and zeal. The legendary defense attorney, the late Felipe Plascencia said that Phillip exemplifies the passion and spirit that all trial lawyers should have.

Phillip took a case to trial in which his client's blood test showed an alcohol level of 0.28% (three and a half times the legal limit). The jury found the young woman NOT GUILTY.

In another case, Phillip represented a firefighter charged with DUI. The firefighter's breath test results showed an alcohol level of 0.14.  He faced losing his career if convicted. The jury found him not guilty.

Phillip represented a woman charged with DUI whose breath tests showed an alcohol level of 0.15.  Phillip took the case to trial. In the middle of Phillip's cross-examination of the police officer who made the arrest, the Prosecutor moved to dismiss all charges.

Phillip is a member of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National College for DUI Defense. He has been an invited speaker at the California Public Defenders Association's annual DUI defense seminar. Phillip is a former Vice-President of the California DUI Lawyers Association and, in August 2021, was invited to present his tips of trying DUI cases at the association's annual seminar.

“I am very happy I hired Phillip Crawford as my lawyer. I had never been in this position before and I initially had little idea what to expect. Well, Phillip told me what to expect... and then proceeded to exceed those expectations. Very dependable in returning my calls, texts, and emails. Extremely knowledgeable about the entire judicial process. Thanks to Phillip's stellar work on my behalf, I had a very positive outcome with my case. Thank you, Phillip Crawford......job well done.”  - JMG

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