Second Offense DUI Reduced to "Wet Reckless"

Posted by Phillip CrawfordApr 08, 20220 Comments

In People v. GMM, our client was found by CHP on the side Highway 101, sound asleep at the wheel.  They conducted a DUI investigation and administered two breath tests, with results of 0.14. and 0.14.  After they arrested him, he took a blood test, which also showed an alcohol level of 0.14. Because he had a prior DUI conviction, he faced taking the 18-month alcohol education class, installing the ignition interlock device, and substantial time in jail or on supervised home confinement.  After a three-year battle in court (including a trial that ended with a hung jury), the DA dismissed the DUI charge and he pled to a reduced charge, a “wet reckless,”  He was ordered to complete the 12-hour alcohol education class and pay a reduced fine, with no jail time and no automatic license suspension.